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Our History

Our History

Xiknal is the refuge of what has value. Life on pause, a rest and a caress to continue flying. That which was, you have here.

In the Mexican tradition, if a hummingbird appears before you, they believe that he is a loved one who has left and comes to remind you that he is by your side. In Xiknal, great-grandmother Vicenta flutters through the flowers in the garden in the form of a hummingbird with a green belly.

When Rosalba decided to come, a magical energy pulled her. She had the dream of creating a home and a decisive challenge of spiritual growth. In her mind, since she was little, she had recorded her experiences with her great-grandmother Vicenta. She wanted to share, give and learn to receive. Arriving from Guanajuato, she took flight in search of her freedom and, after a hard road, she found and received with open arms a space to tell her story.

Months later, Balthasar joined his wife and they both began a new challenge. With Rosalba's enthusiasm, they built with four hands and two hearts a wonderful home to embrace the soul.

Xiknal is flight, freedom, passion, love. Each stone, each plant, has life in its pores.

“I enter Xiknal and recover my life, my essence, my BEING”.