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Our rooms and meaning

Our rooms and meaning

To name our rooms, we have been inspired, how could it be otherwise, by the elements of the earth, its fruits and its aromas. We bring a little piece of nature to your stay.

Mayan tribe


  • Earth rooted in the bowels of the soul, fruit, blood and root.


  • Water that falls and blood that runs through our veins. Fabric that intertwines the history of several lives.


  • Flickering live flame. Spirit, life, energy.


  • Wind that carries words, wind that caresses skins, wind that blows happiness.

The tribe of aromas


  • Mint with a deep aroma, clears, smells and refreshes times.

Lemon flower

  • When you bloom, you dress as a dancer and dance your petals.

Orange blossom

  • Orange blossom, take me to your garden. Give me your spring


  • Rosemary, rosemary, let the bad come out, and the good come in!


  • You're who to calm anxieties and relieve discomfort. You who regulate blood and nourish skin.


  • Purple carpets, nutrients of life,
  • You relieve sleep. Violet on.