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Imagine that one day you wake up and you want to go to the market. When you get there the colors catch you, and you want to taste the spices, the juicy fruits and the delicious juices. You buy something and take it to your Xiknal house, there in the open-air kitchen, you cook a delicious Mexican-style dish to eat it in the shade of the garden. With your senses deployed and your soul at the moment, you savor the good things in life, while someone next to you peels a mango, cuts it, adds a bit of spice and offers it to you to eat.

Imagine a place on an island where you can walk wherever you want, like great-grandmother Vicenta, who went everywhere on foot.


  • Sea and boardwalk one minute away.
  • Market three minutes.
  • Center three minutes.
  • Ferry five minutes away.
  • Restaurants one block away.


Location in Waze